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OnlyFans was started as a way for influencers to control how much they get paid for the content they produce. According to the CEO of the company (Tim Stokely) they saw that many influencers were being used by brands, rather than being fairly compensated for the time they put into making content.  While OnlyFans is not described as an ‘adult site’ it can be reasonably easy to find a niche and work from home simply doing something you enjoy. In this article we’ll cover some ways that you can earn money with OnlyFans.

What exactly is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online marketplace that you can use to make some money with a side gig. If you’re a little bit of a social media influencer, or just starting out, OnlyFans can be one way to supplement your income. As a general guide you can expect about a 1% conversion rate from followers to paid followers, so if you have an existing fans base of 5,000 on Instagram (or any other social media platform) then you’d get about 500 to follow you into the OnlyFans platform. If those fans are paying $5 per month that can lead to a healthy second income ($2500/month).


The main point of difference between OnlyFans and some other similar platforms is that they allow sexually explicit content. The creators also get to choose how much they’ll charge for what people have access to, and in the porn industry this is almost unheard of. The company also supports their creators, which includes teams of lawyers ready to be dispatched if any content is leaked to other sites that try to make money off it (PornHub we’re looking at you). All of this does come at a premium with OnlyFans taking 20% of their creators’ earnings. But it is entirely possible to make a good income with OnlyFans, with some creators raking in millions.

How to get started on OnlyFans

Opening an OnlyFans account is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is visit their website, and add in a few details (you can use your Twitter or Google accounts), then add in your banking details and set your price per month. After that it is time to start bringing over your fan base to the platform.


To build your OnlyFans subscriptions, you’ll need to promote yourself, and the best way to do this is through social media. This is where you’ll give out a teaser of what people might find on you OnlyFans. It might include, some new sex toys you’ve bought, or trying out different lubricants, or the best way to please someone with a strap-on. This is the best thing about OnlyFans and that is the content is totally up to you! You can also build up your following by having your own web presence and writing content in the form of blogs. These can be as simple as what you’re doing on any given day, perhaps you could detail about an upcoming photoshoot or video! Or you can provide reviews on the latest vibrators that you got from your favourite online store.


Planning out your content in advance is an excellent way to keep everything fresh and it stops your content from going off the rails. As most of your subscribers will come directly from social media accounts, they’ll expect to see some correlation with those posts. Any planned content you produce for OnlyFans should be segmented, so you have something for your socials (images, for Instagram, short video for Twitter, etc), and then additional content that is related to that but offers a little more for the paying user. People need to feel they are getting value out of what you’re offering.


After you’ve got a following, the next step is to keep them coming back for more. Have you ever watched a television series and it started to get a bit meh, and you simply switched off? Well OnlyFans is the same way, you need to keep your content relevant and fresh. People enjoy seeing the daily experiences, so if you're planning for a video shoot you can take them behind the curtain and show them what a day in your life is truly like. Offering subscribers access to things like that is another way that you can provide value that other traditional pay per view channels cannot.

Start creating content!

While it can be great to jump in feet first, we’d recommend having a look at a few OnlyFans pages and see if it is something you feel you could do. Discover if there is anything unique you can take to the platform, perhaps you have special tips for how to please your partner in the bedroom, or maybe you enjoy gardening with less clothes on than most other people do. Whatever your kink, there is sure to be a few people willing to pay to see it happen!

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