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There may be times in any woman’s life that things downstairs do not feel as tight as you think it needs to be. Kegel exercises are often used after having a child and are designed to tighten up your vaginal muscles. Shortly after childbirth is when the muscles in your vagina are weakened, and many women find that they’re affected by incontinence. However, even if you have not had a child, these muscles can weaken over time. While older thinking may suggest that too much sex causes weakening muscles. However, this is simply not true and this type of messaging was intended to shame women into not having a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life.


Like any muscles in the body, if your vaginal muscles are not appropriately exercised, they can become weak and not act as intended. Therefore, Kegel exercises were developed to keep your vaginal muscles tighter. These exercises often involved clenching and releasing pelvic floor muscles. One of the side effects of doing Kegel exercises is making your orgasms stronger than expected. Therefore, doing them can increase your enjoyment during sex!

What are Kegel balls?

Kegel balls (also known as Ben Wa balls) are used to assist in your Kegel exercises, and they are made of one or several balls with a cord at the end. They are used by inserting them into your vagina with the cord hanging out. These small balls will often trigger your muscles into thinking they need to keep them in, and they'll naturally contract. Then you can contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles around the balls. If you’re not sure what your pelvic floor muscles are, these are the same ones you squeeze to stop yourself urinating. Using Kegel balls helps to isolate the muscles, giving you more targeted results when performing regular Kegel exercises.


Kegel balls will come in all sorts of different sizes, anything from ten grams up to around a hundred grams. It is best to get in a routine with Kegel balls to help improve your muscles in the fastest way. Although, if you only remember to do the exercises a few times a week, you’ll still see some of the benefits. When you first choose a set of Kegel balls, it is best to start with a smaller size, as your muscles may not be strong enough to keep larger ones inside.


In addition to using Kegel balls to limit the effects of incontinence, they can also be used for arousal and pleasure. If you’re using a double Kegel ball, these will often be held together with a thin silicon cord. You can insert the Kegel balls (use lubricant if needed) and use the cord to move the balls around with a gentle tugging motion. The balls can be cooled and warmed before insertion. To heat Kegel balls, you can run them under warm water, and to cool them they can be placed in the fridge or an ice bath for several minutes.


While Kegel balls are great for getting your pelvic floor back into shape after having a child, they should not be used straight after birth. Before using the balls, you should give your body time to heal and have a child, as you may have internal vaginal tears. Any foreign items that you put into your body should be in there for more than six hours at a time. After using Kegel balls, they'll need to be appropriately cleaned to make sure bacteria is removed. Using Kegel balls that are not cared for properly can result in an infection. For the best results, wash your Kegel balls with warm soapy water, or follow the manufacturer guidelines regarding storage and appropriate use.

The benefits of using Kegel balls

The main benefit of using Kegel balls is to improve your pelvic floor. When your pelvic floor slackens over time, you can become incontinent, resulting in an inability to hold your urine properly. Weakened pelvic floor muscles often occur with age or after a traumatic event (like having a child). However, many women have found that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles increases their pleasure when having sex, leading to the popularity of Kegel balls.

What to look for when choosing Kegel balls

If you’re thinking of buying your set of Kegel balls and are not that sure what to go for, well, it is basically down to your personal preference. Most Kegel balls consist of a single or double ball, with the double being slightly more challenging. You’ll find they come in an assortment of different materials. However, the most common balls are made from metal or silicon. A key factor to look for is the weight of the balls, with lighter balls being easier for the beginner to use. You can even find Kegel balls that will vibrate, and that can give you a boost to your pleasure centres and make them even more fun to use!


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