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Approaching the subject of introducing some new toys and fun into the bedroom can often give people feelings of anxiousness, and we don’t mean that in a good way! The best way to uncover if your partner is open to using toys in the bedroom is simply discussing it. Finding the right time and place is often the first step, you don’t want to blurt it out immediately after a session under the sheets! Explaining that you’re interested in developing a closer connection in the bedroom and that with a few fun toys and costumes you can build on the pleasure both of you can achieve.


Often when approached about the topic, your partner may feel that you’re not interested in them anymore. You need to be patient and do your best to reassure them that this is not the case. Unfortunately, as most people assume that toys are designed for self pleasure, it can make the subject difficult to discuss. If you approach the subject gently, perhaps talk about a ‘friend’ that uses them with their partner and see what type of response you get. Make sure you listen to your partner about what they think and you can get a feeling about if they might be interested.


If your partner is open to the idea, have a look through our online shop and see if anything piques your interest. Don’t try to push your partner toward any particular item, let them explore and find out what they may be willing to try. You can find sex toys for all sorts or purposes, have some fun looking through what is available and try to imagine if that is something that may add to your current routine. On any particular item discuss what the uses for it may be and how you would use it on each other. You may be surprised by what your partner chooses! At all times you should embrace their interests, and help their fantasies come true.


You can find bedroom sex toys in all shapes and sizes. Often the only way to figure out what improves your fun is by trying a few out. Discuss what you both like to do, or what you’d like someone to do to you. If you’re into long and involved sessions, then using cock rings to help keep you hard can increase how long you can last. If you’re into fantasy play, you can find costumes and masks to bring these to life. Sex toys are all about discovery, find out what each of you prefer and build on that idea until you find something you can both take pleasure in!


After choosing the toys you want to use, you can order them easily through our website. When they arrive, unpack them, and discuss what you’d like to try first. After you’ve used them, have an open discussion about what you thought and if it is something that you enjoyed doing. Did you feel they added to what you normally do, was there anything that you may do differently the next time? A healthy relationship is built on trust and communication. If one of you didn’t feel that comfortable using the toys, then try to uncover what happened that made you feel that way, and look for more appropriate toys to use.


Remember that no matter what you shouldn't put any pressure on your partner to uncover what they prefer. Sometimes it can be a good idea to let your partner figure it out on their own. Pick a day and leave them to it, they may feel uncomfortable using the toys for the first time in front of someone else. Through exploration they may find out exactly what it was they didn't like, and it can take some time for them to get the full benefit from the toys.


It’s unfortunate that sex, and what we get up to between the sheets is still a taboo type subject. In reality it is common to try new things out to keep your sex life interesting and developing over time. It may come off as uncomfortable at first but when you first start to discuss it, you may find that you’re both into the same sort of things, and that can get your sex life to an all new high!


At Exoticalife we have a selection of sex toys, and other bedroom additions that are suitable for the first timer and experienced couples who are looking to add something more into the bedroom. Have a look through our online shop, all parcels are sent out in discrete packing so you don't have to worry about the neighbours talking!

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