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There has been a change in male sexuality over the past few years, and more men are discovering the pleasures of prostate orgasms. One of the best things about anal sex is that everyone has one, so we can all experience what can make it so enjoyable. People have appreciated the booty for many years. We like to look at them, slap them, talk about them, even buy clothes specifically to make them look better! But when it comes to discussions of sex, many people tend to clamp shut and don’t want to discuss anything or prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist.


We are currently in a timeline where as a society, we are moving further and further away from the type of toxic masculinity that states: anything to do with touching your booty means you’re less of a man. This change of attitude has resulted in men from all walks of life finding out that a stimulated prostate can give you some incredibly powerful orgasms. If you’ve ever listened to transwomen when they discuss sex, you may have heard they’ll often refer to their prostate as a ‘G-spot’. Similar, to a women’s G-spot, the prostate, if appropriately massaged, can lead to quite intense orgasms that differ from standard penile orgasms in their feeling and pleasure. And besides that, why would you want to stick to one orgasm when you could experience two?

How to stimulate the prostate

You can stimulate the prostate in a few different ways, including massage, using sex toys, or with a partner. While you can do it yourself, you may find that it is easier with a partner. If you introduce this into your sex life, it is always best to discuss it beforehand with your partner. The prostate is about the size of a marble in most healthy men and consists of a cluster of nerve endings. The main reason the prostate feels good while being massaged is that it’s largely not touched, and experiencing these new sensations can result in euphoric feelings.


You may consider that the penis has similar feelings, and while it too is filled with nerve endings, it is constantly being touched. Your penis will rub on the inside of your pants, among other things, and over time you get used to the feelings. On the other hand, the prostate is touched very rarely, if at all, so when you do feel it, the sensation is new and unique. The prostate is incredibly sensitive to touch and pressure; you may find that it does not take much to set you off!


While it is possible to stimulate your prostate yourself, some people may find the position you’ll need to get into a little uncomfortable so that you can ask your partner, or you can seek the services of a suitably trained sex worker. The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut, and it is located inside the rectum underneath the bladder. As you get older, the prostate gland gets bigger, which can make it easier to find. To find the prostate, you’ll want to insert a well-lubricated finger, or sex toy, in your rectum and then push gently towards the front (i.e. towards the genital area). In this area, you should find the prostate; it’ll feel like a slight bulge. Due to the prostate location (next to the bladder and wrapped around the urethra), you may find the urge to urinate during an intense massaging session.

Milking the prostate

When milking the prostate, it is best done with a partner that you’re comfortable with, use gloves (for hygiene and ease of insertion), and plenty of lubrication. Slowly insert a finger into the rectum and locate the prostate gland. You’ll find that you will find the prostate after your finger is about halfway in. When you touch the prostate, it may give you an unusual or pleasurable feeling. Explore what makes you feel good this may be a circular motion or rubbing back and forth. If a partner does this for you, make sure you communicate what feels best (or be evident with your actions/sounds). Many people find that masturbating at the same time can intensify the feelings. When you’ve successfully milked the prostate, you’ll either have a very intense orgasm, or fluids will come out of your penis.

Are there any benefits or risks to milking the prostate?

The main reason that people will milk their prostate is that it can feel amazing and intensify regular orgasms. This area is considered one of a man’s erogenous zones and is highly sensitive to stimulation. The act of massaging the prostate can lead to sexual arousal and may assist if you have been having issues gaining an erection or being intimate in other areas. There are some medical benefits behind milking the prostate, but generally, people do it simply because it feels good.

 The health benefits of prostate milking are primarily psychological in that it can make you feel good about yourself. However, a few studies have been conducted, and these determined that men suffering chronic prostatitis saw a reduction of symptoms. Although, it is best to talk to your medical professional about treatment before trying anything new.


There are only a few risks involved with prostate milking. The largest risk is that it can be painful at times, especially if you get carried away. The is also the potential that your prostate could become infected is you are doing it with dirty hands. Also, while some people may be willing to try something new, they simply do not like anal play (which is fine).

How to get started!

If you haven’t tried any anal play or sex before, you may want to go slow at first. Grab some lubricant and condoms (you’ll only use a finger at first), and uncover what feels good for you. Once you’re comfortable with your own body, you may wish to involve your partner (or you can invite them from the beginning). Remember that anal sex and anal play is for everyone, so go out and have fun!

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