Dress up with a sexy men’s costumes for sexy roleplay | Exoticalife

If you’re looking to build on your bedroom experiences (or possibly going beyond the bedroom!) then dressing up in a sexy men’s costume is the way to go. The costumes we have collected will add that something extra to your time together, and we are sure it’ll be an interesting experience for all involved. 

A men’s costume can build on your cosplay fantasies

Cosplay is something that is gaining a little bit of a resurgence, it refers to dressing up in character to play in a fantasy reality. Standard bedroom cosplay generally means dressing up and acting out a scenario. By wearing a specific men’s costume, you can easily add to the ‘reality’ of the play experience. Are you intrigued by having a ‘conversation’ with a sexy male doctor (or nurse)? He will examine and definitely give you a right treatment! Or perhaps you’d like to live out the fantasy of being ‘rescued’ by a certain scantily clad superhero? With these costumes the sky is literally the limit!

By adding some cosplay action into the bedroom, it can build the excitement and increase the fun you are both experiencing. As with all new additions to the bedroom, we’d recommend having a short discussion on what fantasies you’d like to act out and then selecting an appropriate men’s costume. For the best couple?? results, you can also purchase a women’s costume, or some sexy lingerie  such as a teddy and body stocking to complete the fantasy experience!

Going beyond the ordinary

At Exotica Life we know that talking about what is happening in your sex life is often the best way to boost up. A men’s costume offers a fun and relaxing way to create some interest and you can build on that experience. We have many different men’s costumes ready for you to use and create new passion into your intimate life. We’d also recommend trying out a few of our other special items. You can build in some secrecy and delight with our masks, or play around with the whips & paddles. If you want things to go on for longer than usual or experience new sensation try out the cock rings, these will help you last longer and give your partner more pleasure than usual.