Wearing a Sexy Teddy for your husband in the Bedroom | Exoticalife

The standard women's teddies are steeped in history. These sexy forms of lingerie first came into fashion in the 1920s when dresses were starting to shrink in length; it was also worn as the garment of choice in the boudoir (a fancy term for dressing room). These actually fell out of fashion in the 1940s, but since the 1960s it has been making a comeback and today, they are considered to be the sexiest night-time attire a woman can own. It is no wonder there is are many different styles to suit women of all shapes and sizes!

Women’s teddies are designed to make you feel sexy

While they may not be considered everyday wear, women's teddies can be worn underneath regular clothing. This is perfect if you're feeling a little down and need something sexy to pick you up a little. Women's teddies are the perfect article of clothing for when you want to feel sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

Wearing sexy clothing can be the start of something new!

If your sex life has got a little stale then wearing some clothes that make you feel sexy, or possibly wanted, and it can be the beginning of new experiences. There are always those times in a relationship when things start to slow down a little. If you’re looking to get back between the sheets in a big way then wearing a sexy outfit can be a great starting point.

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