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Bachelorette parties are for having that ‘final’ big blowout party before getting hitched. Traditionally these are also known as a Hens Night (contrasting the Stag Party). The way you celebrate your bachelorette party is often left up to your friends, and they can be a casual dinner party or a massive celebration of everything you're about to leave behind when you get married.

Over the years, the bachelorette party has evolved, and now they are usually quite lewd and bawdy. Bachelorette parties are well-known for including elements of sexuality and creating a night out with the girls that will forever be remembered! While you shouldn’t need a reason to spend time with your friends, having that one final go around as a single person can be incredibly liberating. Your bridesmaids will plan out most bachelorette parties, but as the night should be about what you’d like, you can always make some suggestions or leave it entirely up to them!

Planning the bachelorette party

At their core, bachelorette parties are about fun. These parties can be the final time the bride gets to let loose before her big day. They are not designed to be perfect (unlike the wedding), but they can be flexible and extremely fun depending on what everyone does. Traditionally, what happens at your bachelorette party is up to the maid of honour, and they are in charge of planning out all the events. However, all the bridesmaids will usually band together and decide what should happen on the night, resulting in some exciting experiences! While there are no rules to what should happen at a bachelorette party, we have a few guides for what you may like to consider.


When should the bachelorette party be held?

A bachelorette party can be held within a month of the wedding date. But there are no actual rules for when you have the party. For example, if you plan to hold an Autumn wedding, you may prefer to keep the bachelorette party in Summer, when the days and nights are slightly warmer.

It is becoming a trend to hold the bachelorette party for a weekend instead of a single night. Many hotels will even have bachelorette party events, where they’ll provide you with an itinerary and accommodation for the weekend. Then all you need to do is order in the extras to make the event more memorable.

Does the bride have a say in planning the party?

Yes, this party is all about the bride and what they want. While people generally see the wedding as being about the bride, weddings are actually about everyone else and making sure they have a good time. The bachelorette party is a hundred percent about the bride. To plan the best party, you should consult the bride on where or when they’d prefer it to happen and what events they may like to see. However, this does not mean that the bride needs to be involved in every decision. Stick to the basics of where, when the party is held, and the general theme of the party. Then, the maid of honour should take these basics and start planning out the specifics with the other bridesmaids.

Who to invite to the bachelorette party?

The invitees are left up to the bride and who she wants to help her celebrate. Some brides may only like to take their bridal party out, and others may wish to include a wider circle of friends and family. The decision can be based on your budget for the night and what types of events you may be doing. To make sure no one is left out, some brides may even have two different parties, one sophisticated party that involves relatives and older friends and one all-out party with just their inner circle of friends. A general rule is that the bachelorette party will only include people invited to the wedding and no male partners or boyfriends. You don’t need to send out formal invites to a bachelorette party; instead, you can rely on email and text messages.

What items can be included at a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party is an excellent time to get a little bit silly and have a wonderful time that everyone will remember. At ExoticaLife, we have a massive collection of bachelorette party items. You’ll find in our store, and we have everything you need to make your bachelorette party a success. We have things that can be used as fun prizes or just to make the night silly and fun! In addition to our novelty items, we also have games and other toys to make the party one to remember!

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